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To determine whether the consumption of tea plays an essential role in prevention from symptoms associated with Covid-19 infection.


This survey is done to determine the effect of tea on people for prevention from symptoms to that of Covid-19. It will also be observed during the ongoing course of study, that whether tea is helpful in prevention from Covid-19. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Literature Review: Gathering data based on the following points needs to be written inside the literature review along with the name and author of sources or journals from where the data is collected.
  2. Covid status in allotted population group.
  3. Covid infection seen in allotted population group.
  4. Covid death in allotted population group separately in West Bengal, India and worldwide.
  5. Covid recovery in allotted population group.
  6. Other health issues in allotted population group.
  7. Comorbidities and death associated with those health issues in allotted population group.
  8. Intervention taken to alleviate covid symptoms in allotted population group.
  9. Intervention taken to alleviate others comorbidities in allotted population group.
  10. Sample Selection: This step is very important as the main result relies on the feedback given by the survey population. Select allotted number of sample who are willing to drink the suggested amount and variation of tea for continuous 45 days, based on which the feedbacks given by them should be correlated for assimilating the data charts.
  11. Data chart: Formulated blank data charts have been uploaded in the study material section of Nutrizapp under Classroom tabs. There will be 2 different kinds of data chart :-
  12. Frequency Table: This includes distribution of the frequency of tea consumption per day along with the timing and accompaniments. It will also include health status per day with specific type of symptoms, occurrence duration and details of medication it takern during this interval for treatment of the respective symptom. It will also be noted whether the person is under any regular medication. The symptoms noted will be like flu like symptoms, flu, sore throat, arthralgia (body ache), general malaise, allergic rhinitis, throat pain, GERD, gastrointestinal upset, abdominal pain, low grade fever, fever and headache.
  13. Covid Protection Chart : This chart includes the daily information regarding measures taken by the sample population for protection against Covid-19 like wearing mask, hand sanitization through alcohol, hand washing done with soap using proper technique, avoiding crowded place and maintaining social distance.
  14. Division of population group: Each surveyor is allotted with a specific age group and gender. The surveyor needs to collect data of that allotted population group and gender and the minimum sample size for each surveyor is 10. The data of the respective population group will be based on three different varieties of tea which needs to be taken at least thrice a day. The distribution of tea variety goes as follows:-
  15. Consumption of normal tea with milk and sugar for 1st 15 days. Accompaniments can be present which needs to be specifically mentioned.
  16. Consumption of liquor tea milk preferably with no sugar and accompaniments for the 2nd set of 15 days.
  17. Consumption of green tea with no milk and sugar and no accompaniments for the last set of 15 days. The person should not be having anything half an hour pre or post drinking green tea other than drinking at least 3 cups of water which is mandatory immediately after green tea consumption every time.

The age group division goes as follows:-


AGE GROUP (in years)





(High School)


Satarupa Bhattacharya

Deeti Sur


Mitali Sardar

Ajanta Bose


(Young Adults)


Sriparna Ghosh

Shilpa Mondal


Aesha Samanta

Aditi Adak


(Young Professional)


Riya Goswami

Sharmistha Mitra


Suravi Boxi

Swarnali Chakraborty


(Middle Tier Professional)


Priyanka Shaw

Dipasri Guha


Piyali Sardar

Sritama Pandey


(Senior Professional)


Swetashree Mahanty

Pulak Matabbar


Nijhum Chowdhury

Tania Bhowmick


(Early Retirement)


Sabana Haque

Swagata Chowdhury


Arashi Basak

Nikan Halder


(Late Retirement)


Jayasree Chandra

Poulami Debnath


Anulekha Chakraborty

Prbasha Sasmal

Above 86

(Old Age)



Aditi Banerjee


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Mam...ami amader covid health and tea er dissertation group ta theke left hoyegchlm..add kora hoyni trpr r..ekjn k diye bola koriechilm

Tai r kichu details paini.

Amader toh onekdin aage 45days dhore subjects der follow kra hyegeche..trpr r kono class hyni? Amra kobe submit krbo?

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