Bitter lemon juice

Bitter Melon Juice

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter melon juice is famous all over the world for lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Also, leaf extracts of bitter melon plants contain broad-spectrum antibacterial properties. Bitter melon is also called bitter gourd and its botanical name is Momordica charantia. Bitter melon juice is used primarily as a powerful home remedy for diabetes. It is one of the strongest hypoglycemic available in the basket of Mother Nature which helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Bitter melon juice is also used as an antiviral and an antibacterial herb. Several investigations carried out by renowned scientists revealed a substance called MAP 30 in bitter melon that is effective in treating various types of cancers, different types of benign tumors, and even HIV and AIDS. Indians consume bitter melon juice for treating their gastrointestinal problems like stomachache and hemorrhoids and dermatological problems like skin infections. Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a natural blood purifier and helps in getting rid of acne naturally. Bitter gourd has also been found beneficial in treatment of herpes. Bitter melon juice also helps in natural weight loss.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd is also known as karela in Hindi or balsam pear in English. Bitter melon juice is also a powerful natural diuretic and helps in decreasing weight naturally. It is interesting to note that bitter melon contains two times the beta-carotene of broccoli, two times the calcium of spinach, and two times the potassium of bananas. Bitter melon juice contains vitamins B1, vitamin B3, vitamin C, phosphorus, and is rich in dietary fiber and therefore has been recommended as a natural herbal supplement.

How to make bitter melon recipe – Karela fry

Bitter melon plant has been used by many naturopathics all over the world including Ayurvedic medicine doctors of India to treat different types of ailments. The extract of bitter melon has chemical properties similar to those of insulin in some animals. Routine use of bitter gourd supplements helps in reduction of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Bitter melon juice is good for increasing pancreatic insulin secretion and stimulating cell growth.

As mentioned above, bitter gourd contains MAP 30 that has been found effective against rashes, tumors, herpes, and many other viruses. MAP 30 is the most important component of bitter gourd due to its antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which inhibit the growth of viruses making them unable to form patches of irritated skin. Most importantly, beta and alpha proteins contained in bitter melon have an inhibitory effect on HIV infection or human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Amazing Facts of Bitter Melon

  • The most important thing to note is that eating bitter melon is not always pleasant to taste because it tastes very bitter and pungent.
  • When bitter melon is green, its pulp and seeds are white.
  • Pulp or flesh of bitter melon is crisp and watery similar to that of cucumber. If you want to make bitter gourd taste better or less bitter, then you have to add salt and then wash it before consumption.
  • Bitter melon juice can be a good alternative for weight loss because it is a natural diuretic and helps in improving blood circulation.
  • While bitter gourd is available in the market in form of capsules or bitter gourd supplements combined with other components, the best is the good natural form of bitter melon juice.

Side Effects or Abuse of Bitter Melon Juice

  • Bitter melon juice is not recommended for young children.
  • It is advised to not drink bitter melon juice at the time of pregnancy because it contains two proteins, which have antiabortion properties and can cause abortion.
  • A large amount of bitter melon juice can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain and discomfort.

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